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Our children were both born in England, in the London Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, before we emigrated to Australia in 1991. Here are two portraits taken by the distinguished photographer David Oliver.

abby1     sam1

Abby and her husband Phil both graduated at the end of 2010 from medical studies at the University of New South Wales. Abby is now a consultant physician in addiction medicine, while Phil works as a surgeon. Sam completed an arts degree at the University of Sydney in 2010, majoring in history and music, and worked for some years in fashion, creating his own label later on. He also has a masters degree in marketing from the University of Sydney. He is now a consultant at the public relations firm Porter Novelli where he was the Employee of the Year for 2022. Sam is married to Bec, a devoted primary school teacher.

In the next two photos, Abby was caught trying to establish contact with Russian agents in Moscow in a school project, as reported on page 6 of the 13 May 2002 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, and Sam was walking on water.

abby2     sam2

In mitigation, Sam did have a brush with greatness (EP) at a very early age, whereas Abby only had a brush with something rather more modest.

sam3     abby3

The remaining photos show Abby and Sam with Lily, and were taken on our holiday in Greece in 2007. The top two were taken near the ancient city of Mycaene and at the original stadium in Olympia, whereas the bottom two were taken near Cape Sounion and on the island of Hydra.

mycanae3     olympia3

sounion3     hydra3

For the final four photos of the children with Lily, the top two were both taken near the Acropolis in Athens. On the bottom row, the photo on the left was taken in Athens, whereas the photo on the right was taken in Olympia.

1LA     2LS

3LA     4LS